AgriInvest Savings Account

The AgriInvest Account is a business deposit account, designed specifically for farmers participating in the Canadian federal government's AgriInvest Program. It provides farmers with flexible coverage for small income declines, as well as support for investments to mitigate risks or improve market income. With this interest-bearing, no-fee account, farmers deposit money and receive matching government contributions allowing them to save money as a contingency against income reduced due to failing crops, poor economic conditions, and more. Farmers have the flexibility to withdraw funds at any time.

The government will send an AgriInvest Account Initiation Form to all eligible farmers starting in July of 2010. Complete and sign the Account Initiation Form and bring it into Debden Credit Union to open your new AgriInvest account. Debden Credit Union will then notify Agriculture and Agri Food Canada (AAFC) that you've opened an account. For each eligible year, you will receive a Deposit Notice indicating the maximum allowable deposit that can be made by the deadline date in order to take advantage of the government's "matching" contribution feature.

Key Benefits

  • There are no service charges on an AgriInvest Savings Account
  • Withdrawals are permitted at any time
  • Interest will be calculated on the closing daily balance paid monthly
  • Your first deposit is matched by the government up to the maximum allowable amount
  • Monthly statement is provided
  • Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation fully guarantees all deposits. That's peace of mind only credit unions can offer!

Eligibility for the AgriInvest Program is determined by the government's AgriInvest Administration Office. For inquiries and questions regarding eligibility visit