Commercial Loan

We know how challenging it is to run a business. That's why we've designed a commercial loan that flexes to meet your needs, whether it's to expand, buy equipment or help out with cash flow. In addition to competitive rates and flexible repayment terms, every loan application is processed in-branch by someone who understands the local business climate and wants to see you succeed.

What We Offer You: Initial Advice on your business needs

  • Start-up Funding
  • Operating Capital
  • Lines of Credit
  • Term Loans for Capital Purchases (Land, Building, and Equipment)
  • Letters of Credit
  • Financial Analysis & Optimum Payment Structuring
  • Merchant Card Products (POS, MasterCard)
  • Account Packaging
  • List of Accredited Property Appraisers

What You Need to Do: Prepare a Business Plan


  • Your company
  • Your product/service or technology
  • Your market, marketing plan and sales objectives
  • Analyze your competitors, environment, and business risk
  • Organizational structure, key positions, owners and personal resumes

Complete Prospective Financial Information

  • 3 years of historical financial statements (minimum) for existing business
  • Projected income statements, balance sheets, and cash flow statements
  • Explanation of assumptions

Financing Proposal - Purpose of Financing

  • Personal cash involvement, and operating vs long term debt structure
  • Personal net worth of principal owners
  • Appraisal Required on Property and Equipment

Reference Your Professional Contacts

  • Accountant and Lawyer

What to Bring

To qualify for a loan we need to know as much as we can about you. This not only makes the application for a loan much simpler, but enables us to help you structure your finances to best suit your needs. When applying for a loan please bring some important things:

  • Yourself, your spouse, and/or your partner.
  • Current Employment information, if applicable: where, how long, salary (pay stubs/tax returns)
  • Current Financial picture: investments, vehicles, real estate, loans, credit cards, and payments

What to Expect

  • We discuss with you your intentions
  • We review the plan and ask for any additional information
  • The financing plan is tailored to meet your needs, cash flow, and profitability
  • Your rate of interest you pay will be dependent upon the security you provide, your historical performance, and the profitability of your operation.
  • You will have an answer within one week - maximum. All our approvals take place within our branch structure.

CUMIS® Insurance - Payment Protection
Life, Disability, Critical Illness & Loss of Employment Insurance

Available coverage depends on the loan you acquire. Ask your credit union for more details.