A GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard® provides members convenient access to their chequing account, as well as the flexibility and worldwide global acceptance of the traditional Mastercard® credit card, all together. GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard® cards can be used anywhere Mastercard® is accepted - including making purchases at retail locations and shopping online. Access to your money through an ATM or use it for: cash withdrawals, account balances, deposits, and bill payments.

But, unlike the traditional Mastercard® credit card, the funds are automatically moved from your Debden Credit Union account to pay off the balance after the transaction is completed. The GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard® card is a convenient extension of your account and is only available through your credit union.

World-wide global acceptance - can be used wherever Mastercard® is accepted - serving consumers in 210 countries and territories.

A GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard® gives you access to your account(s) through ATMs world-wide that display the symbols shown below, or ding free® at over 1,800 ATMs across Canada. You can also make purchases at retail locations in Canada that display the Interac® Direct Payment sign.

Cirrus® - network of ATMs outside Canada
Interac® - network of ATMs and direct payment merchant locations within Canada
ACCULINK® - network of credit union ATMs in Canada

  • ATMs displaying the ACCULINK® logo allow you to get cash (up to $800.00/day), obtain your account balance, make deposits, transfer funds and pay bills.
  • To gain access to your account at an ATM, you'll need a PIN (Personal Identification Number), which gives you added security if your card is lost or stolen. We encourage you to memorize your PIN. If you choose to keep a written copy of it, be sure to store it in a safe place separate from your card, and do not reveal your PIN to anyone.
  • 24-hour lost/stolen card assistance
  • Emergency cards and emergency cash
  • GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercards® are Chip enabled and a more convenient and safe way to pay for purchases and services.
  • PayPass™ allows you to pay for everyday purchases quickly, securely, and conveniently. When making a purchase for less than $100, simply hold your card in front of the reader, listen for the beep, and your purchase will be deducted instantly from your account.
  • Enjoy the benefits of Mastercard® protection- MasterPurchase®, MasterTrip®, and Accidental Death Insurance

To apply for a card you can visit the Debden Credit Union Ltd. Your GLOBAL PAYMENT™ Mastercard® provides benefits that make sense in today's world. For further information please visit