Debden Credit Union History

It was back in 1939 that a group of people got together to see what they could do about access to affordable financial services in the community of Debden, so they organized the Debden Parish Savings & Credit Union Ltd.

In the past all loan approvals were dealt with by the board and anyone defaulting on a loan payment had to appear before the Board of Directors to provide reasons for defaulting, promise to pay by a certain date and provide a guarantee for payment of the loan. Today, thanks to the administration, all loan approvals are the responsibility of the General Manager. The Board of Directors no longer approves any credit.

At the June 15, 1946 Annual Meeting of the shareholders a motion was passed by at least 2/3 majority that the corporate name of the "Debden Parish Savings & Credit Union Ltd" be changed to: "The Debden Credit Union Limited." On September 25, 1947 this was examined and approved by the Government of Saskatchewan. A motion was passed to accept Pascal, Erinferry, Park Valley, Mattes, Stump Lake, Nestledown, Ormeaux, and Victoire to the District of the Debden Credit Union and that no stranger would be granted membership without approval of the board.

The first Debden Credit Union office was just a little house. It was then moved to the Post Office and finally into an office by itself where the Debden Agencies is today. In 1975 a brand new building was constructed. It had spacious offices, and had an area downstairs rented out to the Library and to the Village of Debden for the town office. In 1996, the Debden Credit Union Limited expanded to the community of Big River with the office in the old theatre building. In 2002, with the intention of moving to a larger office, the Board of Directors purchased the pharmacy building. In 2004 the renovations to the Big River building were completed. The expansion to the Debden building began immediately and was completed in 2007. It is now 75 years later and the board continues to look to the future to provide a strong community based financial institution.

From our humble beginnings in 1939 to the present day, we have seen the Debden Credit Union Limited grow to close to $60,000,000 and serve over 2400 members. It is through their vision and the continued support, that the Debden Credit Union Limited has been able to provide the affordable financial services required. We thank our members for their business in the past 75 years and we look forward to serving our members for at least another 75 years.