You can borrow to maximize your unused RRSP contribution room at rates as low as Prime and take up to 10 years to repay.

Check your Eligibility Statement from Revenue Canada - normally you should get this about 1 month after you file your tax or phone 1-800-667-3784 to speak with Revenue Canada about your limit.

A $10,000 loan would only mean payments of $114 / month at 6.5%. This may produce a good tax refund, dependent on your marginal tax rate, which can be applied directly on your loan or invested into more RRSP's.

The CU TAKE TEN® can really get your RRSPs growing and it can help you establish an affordable, disciplined savings plan.

CUMIS® Insurance - Payment Protection
Life, Disability, Critical Illness & Loss of Employment Insurance

Available coverage depends on the loan you acquire. Ask your credit union for more details.