Student Loan

Not everyone qualifies for a Government Student Loan. We view your education as a very important step in your life. Talk to us about how best to finance your education and how we can help. Interest rates as low as prime + 2% with monthly "interest only" payments while you are in school. Principal and interest payments start after you complete your full-time studies.

What to Bring

To qualify for a loan we need to know as much as we can about you. This not only makes the application for a loan much simpler, but enables us to help you structure your finances to best suit your needs.

When applying for a loan please bring some important things:

  • Yourself, your spouse, your partner, your parent and/or co-signor.
  • Current Employment information: where, how long, salary (pay stubs/tax returns)
  • Current Financial picture: investments, vehicles, real estate, loans, credit cards, and payments

What to Expect

Our excellent staff strives to provide superior service to our members. After we receive all your information the maximum time for approval is 1 day. All approvals take place within our branch structure.

CUMIS® Insurance - Payment Protection
Life, Disability, Critical Illness & Loss of Employment Insurance

Available coverage depends on the loan you acquire. Ask your credit union for more details.