Announcing the Kahuna Platform, Optimizing Tenant and Landlord Relationships With Ethereum

Announcing the Kahuna Platform, Optimizing Tenant and Landlord Relationships With Ethereum

Announcing the Kahuna Platform, Optimizing Tenant and Landlord Relationships With Ethereum

Kahuna Platform aims to create secure, sovereign and portable rental profiles for tenants, and streamline the onboarding and payment process for landlords

NEW YORK, NY — MAY 12, 2019 — Real estate developers, The Kahuna Group, announced its new project, the Kahuna Platform, which aims to change the way everyone within the real estate rental ecosystem leases, rents, and earns using blockchain technology. The Ethereum-based solution Kahuna develops will give tenants a fully portable, secure, and verifiable rental profile called the Kahuna Score, reflective of their rental history and informed by actions and data not available to most credit agencies, such as rental payments. This Score, along with other facets of the platform, seeks to streamline the search, onboarding, and tenancy stages for both landlords and tenants around the globe.

“ Inefficiencies in the real estate rental industry (RERI) are pretty glaring to even casual observers,” says Kahuna Group partner Steven Whitworth. “Blockchain based technology offers a great foundation to address these challenges and we believe the Kahuna platform is an ideal structure to build on that foundation..”

With the development of their digital platform, Kahuna introduces Behavioral Mining©, a major contributing data source to a tenant’s Kahuna Score, affected by recurring activities such as rent-payment timeliness. Tenants earn digital assets called Kahuna Tokens (KNA)  in exchange for reaching binary milestones offered by the platform. User-generated profile data aggregated by users and Kahuna will be stored on the public Ethereum blockchain within Kahuna’s private network. Kahuna’s goal is to make the Kahuna Platform the first and most robust blockchain-based platform to aggregate immutable data from the RERI for the benefit of both landlord and tenant.

This announcement at Consensus NYC 2019 marks a significant milestone for The Kahuna Group, as well as for the blockchain community and real estate industries. The project overview site is live and available for review, along with their whitepaper and other project-related documents, including documents related to their open security token offering.


The Kahuna Platform is a project of The Kahuna Group, a leading real estate developer whose team boasts over a century of experience in real estate and logistics. Together with Bunker Capital, The Kahuna Group is developing The Kahuna Platform to enable tenants to build and aggregate their rental history, regardless of their country of residence, and give landlords robust information by which to determine tenant suitability coupled with a streamlined payment system.


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